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3Diamonds  Productions. 
Tha Power of Tha Funk!!!!.
3Diamonds Productions is here to give you all the Funk !!!! you can handle.
3Diamonds Productions are Sound Track Producer. 3Diamonds Productions can write all flavor of Sound Tracks music for you.
 3Diamonds Productions write  R&B, 70'S Funk, Commercials TV Sound Tracks, Sound Tracks Theme Songs, and Smooth Jazz. 
 3Diamonds Productions ONLY write Sound Tracks. If You like what you hear at 3Diamonds Productions then let us know.
You can find everything you need here at 3Diamonds Productions
3Diamonds Productions focuses on providing high-quality Sound Tracks for our customers satisfaction.
3Diamonds Productions will do everything it can to meet your expectations. 

If You want to Record the Sound Tracks of your chose, then the Artist and Song Writer will have a standard reduced rate of 3/4 or 10 cents per album sold.
And when Recording the Sound Tracks to a song with the Lyricist, it will be a 50/50% deal.
With a variety of offerings to choose from, 3Diamonds Productions will be happy working with you.
Look around 3Diamonds Productions website and listen to some of the Sound Tracks
If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact 3Diamonds Productions
Now set back and enjoy some of  "Tha Power of Tha Funk" !!!! Sound Tracks.
by  E-Mail:   Jesse Daniel  SoundTrack Producer: jesse19542004@yahoo.com
Phone Numbers: (205)593-0464
3Diamonds Productions hopes to see you Again Soon!
Check back later for more new updates. 
There's much more to come  Here !!!!  at 
Tha Power Of Tha Funk !!!!.
  Now !!!  Let's Funk It Up!!!!
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